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Frequently asked questions

  • Where are the Lessons and Group Classes located?
    Each of our instructors teaches in a private studio, either in their home or other space, but all are in the Franklin area. Group classes are held at: Clearview Baptist Church 537 Franklin Road Franklin, Tennessee 37069
  • What is the best age to start lessons?
    The ideal age at which to begin lessons ranges from age 3-6. This is the most dramatic window for language development, which correlates to the same principles as that of learning a musical instrument. However, beginners from ages 7-11 can still be very successful and enjoy the many benefits of a quality music education.
  • How long are lessons?
    Private lessons start at 30 minutes for young beginners and increase in time as the student advances. The group class for the youngest beginners is 30 minutes. All other group classes are 1 hour.
  • Can we just sign up for private lessons and not group class?
    No. Group class is an integral part of the Suzuki method and we do not offer the option to "opt out", even if schedule conflicts prevent your child from participating.
  • Where and when should I get an instrument?
    A quality instrument can make a large difference in the enjoyment and educational progress for the child and isn't necessarily more expensive. It is advisable to wait to purchase or rent an instrument until you have had an opportunity to discuss this with your teacher. It is very ill-advised to purchase your instrument off the internet.
  • Is it possible to enroll anytime in the year?
    Yes, as long as their is availability with one of our instructors, enrollment can occur at any time. In fact, we encourage parents to learn as much as possible about the Suzuki method and our program before beginning lessons. Tution is always based on the number of scheduled individual lessons and group classes.
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