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Music City Strings Performance Program


Affiliated with Music City Strings Academy, Music City Strings is a non-profit organization that offers exceptional extra-curricular performing opportunities for string students and has become one of the top educational string-performance ensembles in the country! 

MCS Performance Program

The intent of the Music City Strings Performance Program is to create a venue for students to fine tune their performing skills and technique, and to develop a deeper understanding of what it takes to perform at an exceptionally high level.  MCS also uses event performances to reach out to the community and foster an interest and understanding of the benefits of a well-rounded music education.  In addition to the vast array of public performances that are free of charge, MCS offers performance services for hire and engages in collaborative performances with professional artists.

Performance Groups

It is understood that Performers within MCS have different goals, commitment levels, and ability.  Similarly, there is a wide range of performance experience – from the casual performance of busking on the street to performing on stage with a Grammy Award winning artist in a major concert hall.  This range of performance experience requires a commensurate level of proficiency and maturity.  To promote the artistic development of each Performer and to offer a complete scope of performance experience, MCS offers the following groups.


Open to any student taking private lessons in Music City Strings Academy, the Prelude group offers a wide range of performance opportunities.  Its purpose is to nourish the development of the Performer and to create an environment that promotes self-confidence, discipline, and responsibility, while offering experiences to foster deep and meaningful relationships.  In addition to learning these life skills, this is a safe environment for the Performer to learn and to perform a wider variety of repertoire.  Here the Performer grows from the fruits of discipline and can experience a high level of performance excellence. 


This audition-only group exists to offer the more accomplished Performer a place to develop performance mastery.  Comparable to a professional setting, this group is not appropriate for everyone, and is limited in number and subject to entrance criteria.  While the high expectations of this group create a more intense environment, the Performer is rewarded with greater technical proficiency, deeper musical maturity, and profound friendship bonds.  Members of Bravo may also have the benefit of working with popular artists, performing in higher profile performances, and the opportunity to be involved in touring and travel.

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